Greek deity

a deity worshipped by the ancient Greeks
Topics: ↑antiquity
Hypernyms: ↑deity, ↑divinity, ↑god, ↑immortal
Grace, ↑satyr, ↑forest god, ↑silenus, ↑Aether, ↑Moirai, ↑Moirae, ↑Muse, ↑Pontus, ↑Pontos, ↑Rhadamanthus
Instance Hyponyms:
Olympian, ↑Olympic god, ↑Aeolus, ↑Apollo, ↑Phoebus, ↑Phoebus Apollo, ↑Aphrodite, ↑Cytherea, ↑Ares, ↑Eris, ↑Thanatos, ↑Nyx, ↑Artemis, ↑Cynthia, ↑Boreas, ↑Ate, ↑Athena, ↑Athene, ↑Pallas, ↑Pallas Athena, ↑Pallas Athene, ↑Chaos, ↑Demeter, ↑Dionysus, ↑Doris, ↑Erebus, ↑Eros, ↑Gaea, ↑Gaia, ↑Ge, ↑Hebe, ↑Helios, ↑Hecate, ↑Hephaestus, ↑Hephaistos, ↑Hermes, ↑Hermaphroditus, ↑Hygeia, ↑Panacea, ↑Hera, ↑Here, ↑Hestia, ↑Hymen, ↑Minos, ↑Ariadne, ↑Clotho, ↑Klotho, ↑Lachesis, ↑Atropos, ↑Momus, ↑Momos, ↑Nemesis, ↑Nereus, ↑Nike, ↑Ouranos, ↑Uranus, ↑Pan, ↑goat god, ↑Pasiphae, ↑Poseidon, ↑Proteus, ↑Persephone, ↑Despoina, ↑Kore, ↑Cora, ↑Phaethon, ↑Pluto, ↑Hades, ↑Aides, ↑Aidoneus, ↑Pythia, ↑Pythoness, ↑Selene, ↑Eos, ↑Titan, ↑Titaness, ↑Triton, ↑Tyche, ↑Zephyr, ↑Zeus

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